Experience of Being Harmed

Has something happened which you need to talk about?
Do you feel unsafe or worry about someone else being unsafe?
Do you worry about something that has happened to you?
Do you worry about something that has happened to someone else?
Is it affecting your feelings, mood and/ or behaviour?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you live in the Thames Valley, SAFE! may be able to help you.

SAFE! works with young people in the Thames Valley who have been victimised. We support young people who have been harmed in some way. This could be by another person, or group of people, on purpose or accidently.

If you feel you have been harmed, your experience is valid whether or not is it reported as a crime, whether or not you have been physically injured and the other person meant to hurt you.


  • 75% of young people are bullied at school 1
  • 95% of school pupils said that they have had a crime committed against them 2
  • The risk of victimisation for young people is twice that of adults 3
  • Only 5% of crimes against children are reported to the police 4
  • More than 30% of 12—15 year olds have experienced some form of cyber crime 5


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