For Parents

Caring for a child or young person who is experiencing difficult emotions or challenging behaviour can be incredibly hard. Below are a range of resources and links which might help.

At SAFE! we know that the best and most important source of support for most children is their parents or carers. Parenting can be a challenge at times - especially when your child is struggling with difficult emotions or behaviour.

The PACE model can help you think about positively interacting with your child when they're having a hard time:

PLAY - Taking time to play a game with your child can be a great way to start talking. Be silly, let your playfulness out and laugh with your child.

ACCEPTING - Listen to what your child is saying and validate their feelings rather than minimising or reassuring. Ask how they feel about what has happened.

CURIOSITY - Listen carefully and ask open questions rather than guessing. How did that make you feel? 

EMPATHY - Be there for your child. Imagine how they might be feeling. Try to keep calm when they are telling you about how they feel or when something difficult has happened.  Offer comfort and a listening ear.

We have developed a booklet for parents and carers whose children have experienced crime or victimisation. You can read it here

We have a parents and caregivers support group that runs online. For more information, and to find our how to apply for a place, please see the leaflet here

The Building Respectful Families Service works with parents and children where there is Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse. You can find out more information about this service, including how to refer, by visiting the BRF page on the website.

The BRF have an updated page of resources and advice for parents