For Professionals

SAFE! promotes the rights of young people, parents and families affected by crime, and by disseminating best practice guidance and resources the charity encourages any adult to feel confident in supporting a young person they know through hard times

SAFE! practitioners have created and collated resources and links for professionals supporting children, young people and families following experiences of crime or abuse.

Resources for one-to-one work with children and families

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Why Me? is a programme of activities and exercises designed to be used with young people who have experienced victimisation which incorporates Protective Behaviours and Restorative Approaches. The activities can be adapted for children of any age and include drawing, writing letters and identifying supportive networks.  The book also includes guidance for any adult working to support a child who is struggling to cope following an experience of victimisation, with case examples.

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Resources for school and group work

Our Safestories videos explore common themes and risks for young people including child exploitation, cyber abuse, self-harm, sexual assault and bullying. These videos are designed to be accessed directly by young people and are accompanied by tips and advice for dealing with the issues.  The videos are also used as a helpful resource for preventative social education in schools and youth work settings.  Alongside education professionals we have written lesson plans to accompany the videos for young people aged 11 to 16.

You can access all lessons plans here


SAFE! provides training to professionals in Protective Behaviours, Restorative Approaches and an Introduction to Child on Parent Violence. See our training page for more details